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Greetings from The Future! Kicking off the New Year & the first installment of our series highlighting producers from all over, #GiveTheDrummerSome! Phil David aka Space Leopard, a nomadic music producer/composer is a cosmic force that transcends both species and language. It has the power to transport us across dimensions and change the way we move, think and feel.

The Michigan-born, globetrotting producer/artist materializes this vibe when conjuring up groovy, funky, cinematic beats and soundscapes that are truly unique. Harmoniously weaving between moods, from high-energy and percussive to chill and eclectic, Space Leopard binds these far out sounds together, artfully weaving meticulous rhythms and psychedelic sounds into ear candy.

Over 15 years of globetrotting (living in Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico) has of course impacted and influenced both the person and the evolution of Space Leopard’s sound. You’ll hear world music mixed with elements of classic era hip hop, cinematic dark pop infused with funk, to lush exotic soundscapes orchestrated and transmuted into groovy electronica. This is.. McRuckus

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