November 21, 2022 PUSHAudio

NPR: Phoenix Pagliacci – One Zan

Every once in a while, an opportunity is presented that is more significant than was ever thought possible during the prerequisite phases that eventually yield an immense result. This is truly an example of such an occurrence. The supremely talented Phoenix Pagliacci has been hand selected to have her song One Zan be featured as the soundtrack to a more than worthy cause. 

Social injustice is a universal obstacle that marginalized groups all around the world encounter day in & day out. Activism towards such barriers is imperative for any person with the means to be a voice for the voiceless. Through the power of music, emotions are stirred, conversations are sparked, focus can be shifted & in the very best cases, genuine change is initiated. 

Please tune in to this moving interview as NPR’s Kira Wakeam, sits down with Phoenix to delve into the plight of Iranian women & the civil struggles they continue to battle against, in a modern world, restricted by traditionalist concepts. We are extremely humbled to be presented this moment to be part of a philanthropic effort of this scale. And we look forward to the future with hope & compassion.

Special thanks to

Jacki Lyden, journalist and author

Iran Davar Ardalan, journalist and storytelling technologist

Alice McDermott, novelist

Jennifer James, Associate Professor of English George Washington University

Phoenix Pagliacci, singer songwriter 

Leeya Mehta, poet and interim director of the Cheuse Center, George Mason University

Farzaneh Milani, author and Professor of Iranian Literature and Gender Studies University of Virginia

Esha Sadr, contemporary artist, exhibit, Paradox of Choice at the DC Art Center

Saeideh Gilani, abstract painter 

Azar Nafisi, author, New York Times bestseller (taped earlier)

Mahnaz Afkhami, author, women’s rights activist (taped earlier)

Kira Wakeam, NPR Journalist

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