September 30, 2022 PUSHAudio

SupaFly Year: 5000

Quick question… Who you think you FUNKIN’ with?! Now allow me to reintroduce Cadillac Muzik! This project includes elements of psychedelic, soulful, alternative & of course hip-hop jam packed into 18 cruising worthy tracks. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas Cadillac Muzik is composed of duo Beseja Moses & Scott Campbell. Having composed & been featured on previous PUSH. projects, the guys have assembled this collection of eclectic sounds equipped with all elements. Taking things to the next level consistently has been a staple in the creation & evolution of their craft. Strap in and take the ride into a futuristic landscape where nothing is beyond your grasp. This is SupaFly: Year 5000.

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Special Thanks to

Cadillac Muzik

Chris Prythm

Janaé E.

LosLauren 718

Cleva Thoughts

U’nique Music

Holla Da Scholar

Louis Oblin


Josh Hawkins



El Jefe

ND Stardust

Lonzy Los Lucid

Onzie B

Cadillac Muzik



& the entire family!

SupaFly Year: 5000

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