August 4, 2022 PUSHAudio

Hmbl Bgnings

Those days when kids fresh out of the daily toils of high school would shuffle down to their homemade, unauthorized basement studio & enjoy real, organic camaraderie, during the process of creating & finding their voices, don’t seem so very far off. In fact, that studio is still intact. That organic chemistry is as strong as it ever was. With the addition of carefully selected like minds, projects like Hmbl Bginings find their sea legs; bringing to fruition the ideas, experiences & most importantly, the visions of talented creatives, using music as a vessel for self-expression. A wise woman once told me, “Pictures are proof we were here!” So with that sentiment in mind, each occasion where friends & family connect are to be celebrated & cherished. And when those same folks get together with beats & bars on deck, somebody better be ready to hit record! It’s us… We’re “somebody.” And we’ve captured an amazing collection of vibes with this one. With total indifference to if you paid multiple hundreds for your studio time, or if your mans did you a favor, Hmbl Bginings is for those in the trenches, BY those who can absolutely relate. Please enjoy, and by all means, keep grinding!

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm


U’nique Music

Diggy Diamond

Kizer Gray

Josh Hawkins

Taki Brano

Pawel Lewicki

Aco Beats

Ozymandias’ Dream

Chris Wright

& the entire family!

Hmbl Bginings

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