January 11, 2022 PUSHAudio

Audio Dope

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program! Prosperous New Year & well wishes for all as we enter 2022. Without further ado… This energetic, laser focused project from losLAUREN 718 is laced from beginning to end with a message of success by all means. Audio Dope is an auditory journal & an introspective vantage point documenting in vivid detail the world according to Los. With his undeniably northern swagger & delivery marrying melodic, edgy productions, songs like Showing Off, featuring fellow PUSH.audio contributor Kimbro, showcase the versatility of this veteran rhymer. Change of pace selection, Love & Loyalty, provides a personal look at the relationships one might encounter in today’s time, & even briefly touches on Los’ journey as a cancer survivor. Definitely one for the whip as well as one for the books. Do yourself a favor & invite the vibes in. No more bad habits this year, but feel free to indulge in Audio Dope.

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Audio Dope

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