April 1, 2021 PUSHAudio


Greetings once again good people! If you’re like me at all, mornings have long been a struggle to navigate. Sometimes it feels like I need a thousand watt alarm clock, an ejection bed, or to shotgun a pot of coffee in order to get going. With those themes in mind, PUSH.power is packed full of aggressive, stimulating beats with subtly-suggestive lyric themes sprinkled in as refrains. This assembly of songs is 100% capable of helping you get to your feet, soldier through that commute & crush the day that’s waiting for you (even if you only have to make it to the kitchen or your home office). These are indeed interesting times. But one thing’s for certain; nobody’s coming to save you. So the need to self-motivate & remain focused is critical now more than ever. With the light at the end of the tunnel seemingly closer every day, the best course of action we can suggest, is to PUSH… and POWER through! Please enjoy.

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Matthew C. Vander Boegh

Brook Brovaz

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