October 8, 2020 PUSHAudio

Zolton: Noise Electric

Every once in a great while, the populace at large is gifted an artist that seemingly resided in another time. An artist that calls to mind a feeling of familiarity from the onset of whatever fateful introduction we may encounter. PUSH.audio has had the distinct pleasure of packaging an amazingly nostalgic collection of songs from Australian powerhouse, Zolton. This retro-suggestive compilation of tracks seamlessly blends relatable lyrics with unmistakable synth-driven backing, along with classic rock undertones & tempos. This is the soundtrack to your next roadtrip. This is that catchy song from the car commercial you’ve seen a hundred times during the marathon of your favorite show. This is the music of a time less complicated than now; seemingly designed to ease the stress of the day or the days ahead, for you & you alone. This is… Noise Electric.

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Zolton: Noise Electric-

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