August 3, 2020 PUSHAudio


Another month, another milestone. With our August release of PUSH.demandForJustice, and with the help of our many talented contributors, we have proudly created 15 collective projects to date. Equally fitting, the emotionally charged compilation celebrates the visible changes taking place all over America, regarding the ongoing movement in support of civil rights for people from all different walks of life. As the world of sports battles to establish the new benchmark for what professional entertainment will look like, players have displayed solidarity and provided reminders of the causes that the people at large strive to enact. Provocative and unapologetic, PUSH.demandForJustice shares that same sentiment with pointed words that delve head first into the courageous and uncomfortable conversations required to fuel systematic reform.

Aptly timed and arguably more important, the folks behind have very recently launched PUSH.equality; an initiative aimed squarely at the establishment of an unbiased, melting pot type workspace/ecosystem in both the cyber realm and eventually in brick & mortar facilities. We decided to construct a space that fosters acceptance of and supports the observance of basic human rights, commonly being denied to persons in situations beyond their control. Our goal is to focus on education and outreach via whatever means are available to us due to the ever-changing world at present. The network is already rapidly growing and sign-up is available at

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