August 30, 2019 PUSHAudio

Smiling Is Eazyer

Every once in a while an artist creates a collection of songs that reminds you that you aren’t alone in whatever you may be going through; a collection so relatable at times, that it feels like your story being narrated by another person’s voice. Highs, lows and perhaps the worst of all, the indifference of complacent daily operations, this project touches all bases. The artist offers an incredibly personal peek behind a smile generally used to deflect further inquiries about issues too deep or painful for water cooler conversation. Loss of loved ones, failed relationships, depression and questionable coping mechanisms make up a lot of the album’s content. Despite that, upbeat, super melodic, even danceable production give way to a fresh and inspirational vibe that balances out the overall compilation. The debut solo project from Speek Eazy of iLL-iteracy is easily one of the most eclectic and relevant pieces to date. For those days when you’re not at your best, but the show must go on. Or the days when you have to put on a brave face and trudge into the unknown. For those of us who know the struggle of trying to make others understand, we’ve already learned that Smiling Is Eazyer.

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Special Thanks to

Speek Eazy

Chris Prythm

Will Spitwell

Young Observe


J. Levant

Kali J

s0und m1nd

J. Reeves (artwork)

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