September 14, 2023 PUSHAudio

Viv and the Abandoned 🕶️

Clever is the game!

Vocalist Vivian Pondella accompanied by composer/writers Terry Gorka, Darren Smith & Armand Tambouris bring in the grunge / clear your throat / wake up with a jolt vibes throughout!”The difference between people who believe they have songs inside of them and those who actually write songs is the ability to make yourself work at your craft every day and believe, even in the face of obstacles, that you’ve got something worth saying.” ~ Viv and the Abandoned.

This is.. Viv and the Abandoned.

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Special Thanks to

Viv and the Abandoned


Armand Tambouris

Darren Smith

& the entire family!

– 🕶️ Viv and the Abandoned 🕶️

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