August 24, 2023 PUSHAudio

Mango šŸ„­

Born in the Ukraine, now residing in Germany. Singer/Songwriter Alona‘s music can most be described as a blend of thoughtful ghostly vibes at a disco with an electrifying bubblegum pop carpet to dance on. Nominated for NRW/Germany’s Newcomer Pop Award, her desire/relationship with music is pure from the heart. Not afraid to express desires, discuss her journey and natures of the world. “Through it all, one thing remains constant – Iā€™m always dancing, and I hope you join me dancing.” ~Alona. Enjoy this bubbly and thoughtful pop on a late summer night with sticky fingers from eating a perfectly ripe Mango. This is.. Mango. šŸ™‚

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– šŸ„­ Mango šŸ„­ –

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