June 19, 2023 PUSHAudio

I AM 🌏

Born in Bronx, NY. Now residing in Maryland. The venomous lyricist, Cleva Thoughts has an unsurpassed way of spreading her expression, gathering artists & sharing her passion. This album is an eclectic journey from inspirational, adrenaline pumping & extreme head nodders! Long awaited, look no further. Get to know Cleva Thoughts, this is.. I AM. Juneteenth is a celebration of the end of a dark period in the unfortunate, but not fabricated story of people of color. We pause in remembrance as we forge ahead towards a limitless future. From all of us at PUSH.audio, thank you for listening.

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Special Thanks to

Cleva Thoughts

Chris Prythm


Cadillac Muzik

Diggy Diamond

Aco Beats

BurnerFam Productions

Taki Brano

OB Beatzz

William Bowser

Jayy Starr

Isis Diamondz

The Syrin

Bruce Banshee

Sam Heavens

Steve Swann

Whos Los

Jon Hannz


Sonnet Soiloquy Wordsmith

Gummy Beatz


& the entire PUSH.audio family!

– 🌏 I AM 🌏

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