February 2, 2023 PUSHAudio

Samads Cloud ☁️

Greetings & Gratitude! We are extremely excited to debut the launch of #PUSH.2.0. We have completely renovated our space which now features user interface intuition you’ll appreciate; almost as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Fresh faces, fresh flavors & a sprinkle of what you already love about PUSH.audio, primed for rapid ingestion, cuz we value time as well!

Kicking off the new platform & 2.0 is our first of many mini-series of artists from around the world. Prepare your appetite for #SnakRapz! 🍿

Introducing, Samad – Originally from Los Angeles, California has always had a passion for music. Whether it be the California Honor choir or the elite drum-line. Samad made sure to soak in as much music knowledge as possible to ensure his growth in what later would be a professional singing career. After completing highschool Samad decided to attend Musicians Institute in Hollywood to get more insight on music production and engineering. Now Samad spends his time continuing to redefine the shape of R&B music.

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& the entire PUSH.audio family!

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