December 20, 2022 PUSHAudio

10 Paces 🐎

There was no mistaking the rhythmic percussion of those spurs. Especially when they came to a stop, barely visible under those annoying saloon doors. The barkeep knows the lowered crown of that hat & what’s needed. It’s already poured & waiting when the shadowy, yet unmistakable figure takes a seat. Seems like it’s been forever since anyone said a word. Eventually the mood of the room eases & the patrons slowly resume their cackles & conversations. A vibe you really have to live to understand. Or maybe this is the closest you’ll come.

Our year’s end collective, 10 Paces, is the embodiment of the cinematic “Old West,” with a modern & creative twist. These custom created, hand-selected tracks sonically transport the listener back in time, the same way Doc Brown’s DeLorean chauffeured McFly. The project amalgams pop, folk, rock, hip-hop & R-n-B elements, to render a truly one of a kind auditory occurrence. And with that, we invite you to take a break from that horsepower you have outside. Pull up a stool & have one on the good guys. This is 10 Paces.

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm

Will Spitwell

Janaé E.

U’nique Music

April Kelly



J. Levant

Onzie B

Leigh Marks

Audio Underground

Brook Brovaz


Brook Brovaz

Kyle Donovan

& the entire family!

– 🐎 10 Paces 🐎 –

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