September 23, 2022 PUSHAudio

Reveica ☀️

Lace up your boogie shoes as these danceable, carefree, Euro-pop selections permeate the airwaves. Reveica is the epitome of attitude. No apologies are offered for the punchy, in your face, girl power themes that highlight this project throughout. Melodic & engaging. Energetic & quirky. These tracks will get your blood pumping & your body moving. The dynamic trifecta consisting of Becky Ketelsen, John Pearson & Gregory Carrozza. We strongly suggest you strap in & enjoy the ride. This is Reveica.

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Special Thanks to

John Pearson

Becky Ketelsen

Gregory Carrozza

& the entire family!

– ☀️ Reveica ☀️ –

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