September 8, 2022 PUSHAudio

Concrete Catwalk 🔺

Salutations to both the fashion forward, on the cutting edge of trendsetting & to the shabby chic, with styles rooted in comfort & functionality, alike! This particular project celebrates both the pavement pounders, making the everyday grind look effortlessly sexy & the no detail left to chance, took two hours to get dressed & another one on makeup/grooming crowds. Concrete Catwalk is a braggadocious, designer themed, ready for my close-up collective, custom created to accompany luxurious images, ideals & the brands that personify those visuals. Pop driven selections with punchy synths & “It Girl” attitude define this project from start to finish. It doesn’t hurt that the contributors are from all corners of the globe, with their fingers firmly on the pulse of whatever cities they hail from. From the urban jungles within the big city hustle & bustle, to the infinite camera flashes of the runway & anywhere else where you might find yourself, feeling yourself, proudly presents & please enjoy, Concrete Catwalk.

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm


U’nique Music

Federico Coderoni

Louis Oblin

Vassel & Rooby

Vassel & Rooby

Kizer Gray

El Jefe


Devin Lavery


Jake Atherton

& the entire family!

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