September 2, 2022 PUSHAudio

Peace of Us ☮️

Hello again friends, and welcome to this month’s very heartfelt effort. We’ve taken the chance to slow things down with a reflective collection of tracks from various genres this time; the underlying theme being a desire for better. Peace of Us comes together over a social backdrop where few things are trending in a positive direction. From deep-rooted, generational misconceptions, to the cutting edge of whatever unfortunate circumstance waits at the day’s horizon, things haven’t been great for a lot of people, for a really long time. But as long as there are hopeful strangers, willing neighbors and dreamers on every continent, functioning for the purpose of genuine good, then there’s an inkling of opportunity to turn things around. It won’t happen solely due to stirring speeches or well-intentioned indifference. It won’t happen because of charitable donations or marching in support of our causes. Real change only happens in our day-to-day, sustained, organic interactions with each other. In unselfishness, in acts of service and in a renewal of compassion long lost, may we someday find the Peace of Us. Thank you for listening.

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Chris Prythm

Will Spitwell


Janaé E.

LosLauren 718

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Phoenix Pagliacci

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Brook Brovaz


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Justin Wantz

Harvest Blaque


Will Boy

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Kevin S. Cooper

& the entire family!

– ☮️ Peace of Us ☮️ –

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