August 4, 2022 PUSHAudio

Reach 1 – Summer’s After πŸ’Ž

From the very teeth of our warmest solstice, comes an amazingly intimate effort from the immensely talented Reach 1. Summer’s After, is a collection of love & life themed songs that paint quite the vivid picture of young people simply trying to navigate their way through modern emotional landscapes. As a longtime contributor and fellow Roanoke, VA native, Reach notes that this album challenged him in positive ways & hangs his hat on the manifestation of positive energy, good vibes & love that he believes his music promotes. Blending elements of hip-hop & pop with soulful, funk driven overtones, the project definitely takes on the feeling of a reflective drive along a favorite scenic parkway; with or without a special someone riding shotgun. The memories are yours to make, and we proudly provide you the soundtrack. This is Summer’s After.

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– πŸ’Ž Summer’s After πŸ’Ž –

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