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MYLE – Is Not Here ✍️

Myle is a singer-songwriter based in Nice, France. His music, steeped in meaning and personal reckoning, is a quest for communicating life in all the ways it is lived. Born in near Parma, Italy, Myle grew up to the tunes of 60s and 70s songwriters such as Fabrizio de André, Lucio Battisti and Francesco Guccini, and learned to strum on his mother’s old Giannini nylon-string guitar. After working and living in cities around the world including New York City, Berlin and Sardinia, Myle found Heaven in the French Riviera. Choosing to renew his own creative narrative, looking for balance between deep existentialism and the social and political activism that always traced his road. Myle moved from partisan family and culture to a life committed to human rights, equality and peace. Myle is anchored in the present moment and writes about time. His grounding life experience, with all its grit and struggle, fuels hope for a better future. The insatiably curious artist researches his music carefully, reinventing the role of vocals, reconstructing song structure and imbuing every piece with profound finesse. His earnest vocals, convey the thorns — and the roses — of human existence. This is MYLE.. Is Not Here.

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