June 14, 2022 PUSHAudio

The Legend of Yay πŸŽ“

From the very onset, Holla Da Scholar doesn’t mince words regarding the motivation for this particular project & what it details. Laced from beginning to end with unapologetic block talk, the album unfolds like a recipe for street rap charcuterie. Honesty, wit & a unique, immediately recognizable delivery meld ideally on a mix of grimy boom-bap, melodic new age rap & of course, trap inspired beats. Holla holds no reservations about sharing his story on this heartfelt & occasionally even intimate effort. Nothing left hidden & little left to the imagination due to the imagery depicted with intricate lyrical content. One time for the listeners & two times for the hustler’s grind. This is The Legend of Yay. πŸŽ“

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Special Thanks to

Holla Da Scholar

Chris Prythm

Will Spitwell

Phoenix Pagliacci


Brook Brovaz

Louis Oblin

& the entire PUSH.audio family!

– πŸŽ“ The Legend of Yay πŸŽ“ –

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