March 31, 2022 PUSHAudio

Star City Ransom πŸŒ†

By show of hands, who’s had one doozy of a week and is ready to cut loose like that one period you went through in college? Ha, well us too! Just in time for the happy hour special, Star City Ransom is an extremely fun project, laid out to play like an eccentric radio show. Complete with comical advertisements and the personalities of’s β€˜Create a Characters’ Vernon & Reggie, this collective taps into urban elements ideal for the weekend warriors dedicating themselves to their passion projects, as well as motivating themes to help us all power into those impending Monday mornings. The soundscape is an intriguing ride from beginning to completion, with plenty of banking curves and slapstick hijinks along the way. We now return you to your regularly scheduled chaos! Enjoy, Star City Ransom.

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm

Will Spitwell

Speek Eazy


Young Observe

Ayem Honcho

Chris Miller

Young Dizzy

& the entire family!

– πŸŒ† Star City Ransom πŸŒ† –

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