February 10, 2022 PUSHAudio

PUSH.odyssey 🌌

Back like we never left! Welcome to another installment of “How Do They Do It?” Brought to you by the good people at PUSH.audio! But seriously, PUSH.odyssey is a really intriguing instrumental (mostly) project with dance & electronic vibes as well as a retro appeal. Pop culture has a responsibility, in essence, to take on the face of whatever influence screams the loudest. The talented contributors for this collective have their ears to the streets for the beat of no particular drum, as they hail from various parts of the world. The variety is apparent while somehow, the album comes together under a common groove. Whether you break out the leg-warmers & channel your inner Flashdance, or plan on compiling an epic montage of your own, you’ll definitely want to crank the volume & get lost in PUSH.odyssey.

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm


U’nique Music

Brook Brovaz

Starlighter Sync

Vassel & Rooby

Starlighter Sync


One Ultra

Devin Lavery

George Joseph


Kizer Gray

& the entire PUSH.audio family!

– 🌌 PUSH.odyssey 🌌 –

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