December 1, 2021 PUSHAudio

ThreeSun! ☀️

Another hard left turn ahead! As if there’s any direction we haven’t already explored, this month’s release is a spotlight project unlike any we’ve put together before. The dynamic duo of John Pearson & James Thacker, also known as ThreeSun, bringing the bang with a radio ready, feel-good frenzy of anthemic selections. Having amassed a combined professional résumé spanning nearly 50 years, ThreeSun has achieved an undeniably polished sound with immediately magnetic appeal. To envision “Christmas in July” turned on its head, this album delivers indie rock, youthful exuberance, punk attitude & steamy Summer night vibes, rolled into one, even as we prepare to celebrate the winter holidays. The songs are relatable, sincerely clever & well put-together from beginning to end, with embodiment of the idea that it’s never a bad time to say what you mean. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time for jingle bells. But for now, Turn Up The Volume with this really fun project from ThreeSun!

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Special Thanks to

John Pearson

James Thacker

Dave Freeland

& the entire family!

-☀️ ThreeSun ☀️-

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