July 1, 2021 PUSHAudio


I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. This month’s project is INCREDIBLE! And I know that sets the bar pretty high, but listen… Chris Prythm & the collaborators he brought together for this intriguingly intimate collection of music have seriously succeeded in assembling what could very well be his magnum opus; at least to date. The album sandwiches 15 all new tracks between a thoughtful & appropriate intro & outro, including the soulful selection, Circles, which features veteran song-writer, Sylvia MacCalla, on a chorus that serves as a cautionary excerpt about those you may find yourself in the company of. Another standout from the project is New Mentality, which shares airtime with consistent collaborator, Janaé E. & even slips in a heart-warming cameo from Prythm’s own young daughter, Aria.

For lighter vibes, tracks like Turfs Up & FLYbaby deliver sunny day, top down, carefree energy. All in all, the underlying theme tends to come off as motivated regardless of whatever stimuli. The project is rounded out with a sincere homage to Prythm’s father, who transcended this life & entered the next, in 2018. Vocals lended by the amazingly talented, Elishema set the tone for the perfect wrap up to this audible storyline on Where You Be. Oh, and by the way, Chris produced the entire album as well (*mindblown emoji*). PUSH.audio & Chris Prythm, as humbly as we know now, would like to present, FORTUNE.

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