June 7, 2021 PUSHAudio

PUSH.curtains 🎪

There’s a long-running storyline that the music industry & most forms of mainstream media are controlled by faceless names operating inherently behind the scenes. Omniscient figures that determine every aspect of what the public at large sees & hears in our day to day lives. PUSH.curtains is a multi-angle take on what it may be like to steal a peek behind that impenetrable veil. The product of artists that make music, passionately from whatever headspaces they reside in, this collective is symbolic of the proverbial “puppet” severing the strings that once forced it to dance. The wide range of selections that comprise Curtains are the scatterbrained scribblings of madness, as well as the meticulous rhetorical renderings of nearly robotic precision. Packaged by & dedicated to fellow non-conformists; please indulge in PUSH.curtains.

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