February 12, 2021 PUSHAudio

National Geographic: Overheard – In Conversation: Reframing Black History and Cultur‪e‬

As the latest of many triumphs which are a testament to the long hours on the grind & to conducting ourselves as professionals with business ethics & morality, PUSH.audio is truly honored to have been hand selected to create the soundscape for a three-part series from National Geographic’s Overheard podcast. The episodes focus on compelling accounts from Tara Roberts, Ruddy Roye & Gloria Washington as their passions, life experiences & occupations relate to minority history as well as the way ahead. We are elated to have been involved in such a meaningful project that hits so incredibly close to home & look forward to continuing this invaluable partnership. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity.

Special Thanks To:

-Davar Ardalan, Executive Producer of Audio – Podcasts

-Hanadale Hsu, Sound Designer/Mixer

-Carla Wills, Producer

-Elizabeth Chen, Senior Editor/Producer

-Brian R. Gutierrez, Producer

-Scott Dudley, Music Contributor

-Martarius Hersey, Music Contributor

-Corey English, Music Consultant

And the numerous others who made this collaboration possible.

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