December 10, 2020 PUSHAudio

PUSH.xmas: That Time Of The Year! πŸŽ„

Seasons Greetings to all who read this message! The Winter holidays no doubt feel a bit different this year with many protocols in place focused on slowing the spread of the Coronavirus that has robbed so many people of not only our way of life, but for some, their very lives. Our December collective once again embodies the sense of fellowship that people generally embrace during the Christmas season. With a blockbusting 34 tracks, this all original collection of songs is sure to have something for virtually everyone & hopefully will assist with ushering in the Christmas Spirit. From the heartfelt, to the comedic, to the traditional sounds of snow filled wonderment, this project is a journey through all the punches this year has thrown us & a testament to the resolve of people everywhere. Eternally grateful & with our hearts & minds trained on the future ahead, we proudly present the auditory voyage, PUSH.xmas: That Time Of The Year!

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Special Thanks to


Chris Prythm


Debbie Gibson

Speek Eazy

Austin Filingo

Phoenix Pagliacci

Will Spitwell


Cleva Thoughts

Jayy Starr

Elaine Ryan

Alex Tarrant



Ann Artist

Moana A

LosLauren 718

U’nique Music

April Kelly

Dawn Hopkins

Helga Kaefer

Sara Alavi

Eye Oh Dee

JanaΓ© E.

Olivier Bibeau

Harvest Blaque


Kurt Kadillac



& the entire family!

πŸŽ„PUSH.xmas: That Time Of The Year!-πŸŽ„

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