September 10, 2020 PUSHAudio

∞BIT: The Journey Through Bass & Rhyme 👾

One time for the 80s babies, the retro gamers and the genuine hip-hop connoisseurs. To be frank, there’s not a lot of shucking, jiving or sugar-coating on this project. We took our team of in-house producers and rhyme slingers, dialed back the beat fidelity to a time period long before virtual reality, and told them all to let it rip! The result; a uniquely niche composition of throwback sounding, nondescript, whatever they were feeling at the time. One hundred percent organic, with no agenda or direction suggested, this project merges lanes with content embodying relationships, danceable pop tracks, storytelling and even first person shooter references seamlessly, in a wildly entertaining lineup. We also decided to buck the system with the title of the album because, well… we kinda do what we want over here. Please find attached and thoroughly enjoy, ∞Bit: The Journey Through Bass & Rhyme.

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Special Thanks to


Chris Prythm

Speek Eazy

Will Spitwell




Janaé E.

Cleva Thoughts

Phoenix Pagliacci

Kali J

J. Levant

LosLauren 718



Tyler Nicolo


Nicole Carino

& the entire family!

∞Bit: The Journey Through Bass & Rhyme-

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