July 1, 2020 PUSHAudio

PUSH.queendom πŸ‘‘

There are plenty of clever cliches about women in circulation; many of which are dated by small-minded thinking and therefore obsolete in today’s social structure. Concepts that suggest traditional gender roles and place largely subservient obligations on women no longer apply and frankly, they never did. Women throughout history have battled to be represented and to have their voices heard. From voting rights, to salary gaps, to making very personal decisions about their own bodies, these struggles are ongoing. So this time around, the ladies are speaking for themselves! Powerful, unfiltered, unapologetic, empowering; PUSH.queendom is ladies to the front with all eyes and ears on you. A diverse cast of female MCs with swagger driven pontificating over hip-hop backdrops is long overdue, and this composition of music fills that void. Homage is paid to trailblazers that opened doors in the beginning, as the ladies take center stage to adjust their crowns. Their stories, their opinions, their existence; in their own words. This is PUSH.queendom.

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