March 5, 2020 PUSHAudio

BeatBox: GueriLLa Mode 🦍

Just when you thought you had the formula down, here comes a curveball. BeatBox: GueriLLa Mode is our March collective and takes a different approach than all previous efforts. This instrumental project comes complete with window flexing bass and glass rattling walls of sound. Extreme energy is packed into every track. Highlighted by shredding electric guitars and edgy synth riffs, GueriLLa Mode hits a new gear with the audio equivalent of a rolling burnout. This pulse-thumping, adrenaline-inducing collection of music is the perfect playlist to get your morning started and keep you going all day long. Whenever you need to turn up the intensity, turn off distractions, or tap into your inner beast, turn up GueriLLa Mode.

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm



& the entire family!

BeatBox: GueriLLa Mode-

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