December 31, 2019 PUSHAudio

PUSH.soulful City 🌃

The latest installment of the PUSH.collective series brings forth a melodic mix of unapologetic hip-hop vibes, complemented by smooth vocals that serve as a thermometer for today’s social climate. As we roll into the new year, PUSH.soulful City is both reflective & visionary. The compositions in this project were methodically selected for their content, authenticity & of course quality. These are the sounds of the urban ambiance; as raw & rough-cut as they are insightful & determined. Passionate, heartfelt expressions from people embedded in the culture, linking with the like-minded to create auditory cinema. Just another way for you, the listener, to Hear The Vision.

Happy New Years from the & Enjoy, PUSH.soulful City 🌃

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm

Sean Auguste

Will Spitwell


Speek Eazy

Young Observe


Hit Material



Pharaoh Music



Terrell Burt

Steven Baruah

Aika Zabala

B. Marie

& the entire family!

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