July 11, 2019 PUSHAudio

PUSH.paradise! 🌴

The topical is tropical! We are excited and thrilled to announce..

PUSH.paradise 🌴

Embodying the energy of warm weather, crisp coastal breezes and an escape from the daily grind; PUSH.paradise is the latest iteration of original, intoxicating tunes from the camp’s growing catalog. Featuring the breakout track “Boss” and the incredibly vibed “Cambodia,” this project sets the tone for this Summer and summers to come. Whether you need a soundtrack for your housekeeping regimen or punchy synth driven production for pitching your product, this collective boldly delivers ‘Toe-Tap-Ability’ and scores an A+ in ‘Waist Wiggling 101.’ So even if you can’t board that flight bound for your dream vacation, you can certainly grab your snorkel and dive into PUSH.paradise!

From the PUSH.audio family, welcome to PUSH.paradise!

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm

Speek Eazy

Will Spitwell



Kali J

April Kelly


Basil Simon

Tangina Stone

Nitty Scott

Morris Callegari (artwork)

& the entire PUSH.audio family!


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