Direct Creativity

Full-Service Post Audio

We have a passionate team dedicated to bring visuals to life. We handle all aspects of the post-audio cycle. It’s not about what you hear.. it’s about what you feel. We focus on the story, the vision and we truly enjoy what we do!

Blanket Licenses

Take the dirty work out of the project, handle the entire licensing at the beginning with All pre-cleared and one-stop. We got you covered! (Get it.. blanket.. covered.. okay okay)


We create in-house so clearance is easy peasy. We can clear both sides worldwide, make adjustments and add more snare (where’s my snare?).. with the flick of a switch!


We deal with major + indie artists. Our team has some familiar legendary 80’s rockers to current poppers! Perfect for cross brand promotion and development. Still one-stop, still PUSH. Our heart is our creativity and it shows.

Recognizable Music Vs Breakthrough Music

Why does Apple usually implement new music when they could clear nearly any song?

@ PUSH. We are very hands on with creation. Our highest engaged Ads feature new music specifically for the spot. A recognizable song is not always best.

We are able to add “head turners”.

What song is that? Quickly turns into What product is that?

Special Touch

The average major label clearance fee (Big 3) can be hefty! This leads to post-production studios sending briefs to artists searching for a similar sound to replace the original. This has become the industry standard.

Sorry! We aren’t the place for sound-alikes!

@ PUSH. Everything is created in-house. This provides a 1 to 1 relation with influencers + creatives.

Such Flexibility!

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Let’s Create!