February 2, 2020 PUSHAudio

PUSH.roses 🌹

Keeping the good vibes coming, our latest release PUSH.roses is a wonderful collection of intimate declarations for those special someones in our lives. No relationship is without some level of turmoil though, so tracks like Come Knockin’ tap into a wider perspective. While selections like Kinda Love just feel like a seaside excursion on a beautiful, breezy day. PUSH.roses is a collective that embodies transition as well as tradition, with the concepts of all good things coming to an end & the timelessness of longing for forever, both captured. Dedicated to sensuality in its many forms, this assembly of thoughtful music provides for the admiration of life’s most beautiful moments; just be sure to watch for the thorns. Please enjoy, PUSH.roses.

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Special Thanks to

Chris Prythm

Kali J

Will Spitwell

Sean Auguste


Speek Eazy



J. Levant

Jason Ray


LosLauren 718

Asiah Dio



Jimmy’s Basement

Derek Sallman

Jimmy Connors

Rebekah Maxwell

Romar Bennett

Brittany Clarke

Sarah Bonsignore

Antonia Marquee

& the entire PUSH.audio family!


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